Column Type
Test Configuration
Span-to-Depth Ratio - (range 0-10) histogram
Axial Load Ratio - (range -0.1-0.9) histogram
Longitudinal Reinf Ratio - (range 0.002-0.06) histogram
Failure Type
Concrete Crushing
Significant Spalling
Long Bar Buckling
Long Bar Fracture
Spiral Fracture
Loss of Axial Load Capacity

For the ratios, enter a range of values to search in combination with other column attributes or view the histogram showing the distribution of values in the database and click any bar to view record details.


Download tab-delimited data files for rectangular or spiral columns (Save as text.) Column headers are on the first row. Notation is documented on the about page.

Rectangular columns : Properties | Damage
Spiral columns : Properties | Damage

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