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Modern bridges: self-anchored

Thumbnail Image Image-GoddenC51 Chelsea Bridge over the River Thames. Self-anchored steel suspension bridge with spans of 164 ft, 332 ft, and 163 ft. Built in 1937 it replaces an older suspension bridge that was opened for traffic in 1858. In spite of subsequent strengthening, the older bridge was closed in 1935. (London, England)
Thumbnail Image Image-GoddenC52 Close-up of Chelsea Bridge showing cable and hanger connection to steel girder. The cables consist of 37 wire ropes, each 1 7/8 in. diameter, grouped into a hexagonal section. (London, England)
Thumbnail Image Image-GoddenC53 Detail of Chelsea Bridge showing tower unsupported transversely, and the anchorage between cable and girder. Note the stability problem of the tower, and compare the boundary conditions at the top and normal to the span. For details of bottom support of tower, see GoddenF29. (London, England)

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