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Historic bridges: cable bridges

Thumbnail Image Image-GoddenC13 Cincinnati-Covington Bridge. This 1057-ft span bridge is a rebuilding of the original bridge designed by Roebling and opened in 1867. It used the present towers, but had a much smaller stiffening truss and single cables. The present redesign was opened in 1899. (Cincinnati, Ohio)
Thumbnail Image Image-GoddenC14 Cincinnati-Covington Bridge. Shows the double cables and the depth of the stiffening truss at midspan. (Cincinnati, Ohio)
Thumbnail Image Image-GoddenC15 Cincinnati-Covington Bridge. Side-span truss of the Cincinnati Bridge showing the overhead bracing of the trusses and details of the cable layout. The main span of the bridge is in the background beyond the tower. (Cincinnati, Ohio)
Thumbnail Image Image-GoddenC16 Brooklyn Bridge over the East River. This 1600 ft. span bridge designed by Roebling and completed by his son in 1883 is a milestone in bridge building: It was the first bridge to use steel suspension cables. Much of the difficulty of construction was associated with the caissons required to form the tower foundations. (New York City)
Thumbnail Image Image-GoddenC17 Brooklyn Bridge over the East River. Detail of the tower and cable arrangement. The double-cable system supports two roadways that behave essentially independently in the vertical direction. This picture was taken from the central walkway which is at the top level of the trusses and divides the two roadways. (New York City)
Thumbnail Image Image-GoddenC18 Brooklyn Bridge over the East River. Detail of the stiffening truss. (New York City)
Thumbnail Image Image-GoddenC19 Brooklyn Bridge over the East River. Detail of the stiffening truss at mid-span. A sliding connection in the top chord of the truss takes shear but no axial force. The lower chord has a pin directly beneath this detail. Hence the truss is effectively hinged at mid-span. (New York City)
Thumbnail Image Image-GoddenC20 Manhattan Bridge. Over New York's East River, this bridge was opened in 1909. One of the first major bridges to use steel towers. It used more flexible towers and shallower stiffening truss than preceding bridges. (New York City)

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