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Bridge trusses: Bascule truss bridge

Thumbnail Image Image-GoddenD22.1 Johnson Street bascule bridge (1924, rebuilt 1981) Victoria, B.C., Canada. Designed by Strauss (designer of the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco). There are two bridges side-by-side. In their lowered position they behave as simply supported bridge trusses. The near one, in the lowered position, carries the roadway. The far bridge, shown raised, carries the railway. Spans can be raised to 80 degrees from the horizontal. Span length 150 ft., weight of highway span, 1400 tons. Counterweights: 867 tons highway span, 550 tons railway span. (Victoria, B.C.)
Thumbnail Image Image-GoddenD22.2 Bascule bridge. Close-up of the lifting mechanism in the structure of GoddenD27.1. Motors used for lifting have horsepower of 2x75 for the highway bridge, 2x37 for the railway bridge. (Victoria, B.C.)

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