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Cable-net roof

Thumbnail Image Image-GoddenC75 Cable-net structure. This covered an exhibition hall and was constructed for the Spokane World's Fair in 1974. (Spokane, Washington)
Thumbnail Image Image-GoddenC76 Detail of typical cable anchorage and cable layout in the cable-roof structure. The concept of such a structure is not unlike that of a circular tent in which the entire surface is in tension. [detail of Godden C75] (Spokane, Washington)
Thumbnail Image Image-GoddenC77 Cable-net structure, detail of the edge member. This truss member spans the roof opening shown at the front of the building in [slide] GoddenC75. It is a curved member and is typically in axial tension to balance the membrane tension in the roof, and vertical bending to react any normal loading on the roof. (Spokane, Washington)
Thumbnail Image Image-GoddenC78 Central column in cable-net structure. This view of the lower end of the column shows the detail of the ball-and-socket joint at the base that provides rotational freedom about three axes. Taken inside the building.[Detail of GoddenC75] (Spokane, Washington)
Thumbnail Image Image-GoddenC79 Detail of top of central column in cable-net structure, from inside and looking almost vertically upwards. Note the ring beam at the termination of the roofing material. This column is a good example of a constant section strut hinged at both ends. (Spokane, Washington)

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