The Earthquake Engineering Online Archive  NISEE e-Library

UCB/GT-82-01 CONSAX: a computer program for axisymmetric finite element analysis of consolidation, D'Orazio, Timothy B.; Duncan, James M.

UCB/GT-82-02 Evaluation of the modulus of soil reaction E`, and its variation with depth, Hartley, James D.; Duncan, James M.

UCB/GT-82-03 Comparison of field measurements and finite element analyses for the Friendship, New York aluminum culvert, Duncan, James M.

UCB/GT-82-04 Simplified analysis of laterally loaded piles, Evans, L. T.; Duncan, James M.

UCB/GT-82-05 Comparisons of methods of rapid drawdown stability analysis, Wong, Kai S.; Duncan, James M.; Seed, H. Bolton

UCB/GT-82-06 The Behavior of steel oil storage tanks on compressible foundations, D'Orazio, Timothy B.; Duncan, James M.

UCB/GT-82-07 Finite element analyses of stresses and movements in Arcadia Dam, Duncan, James M.; Lucia, Patrick C.; D'Orazio, Timothy B.

UCB/GT-82-09 Field instrumentation study of an aluminum box culvert structure, Duncan, James M.