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Preliminary proceedings volume of International Workshop on Concrete Shear in Earthquake : January 13 -16, 1991, University of Houston

IconText-201305061 Aoyagi, Yukio; State of the art of experimental study related to in-plane shear in reinforced concrete shell element in Japan

IconText-201305066 Collins, Michael P.; The response of reinforced concrete elements subjected to shear

IconText-200512209 Paulay, Thomas; Experimental studies in New Zealand of seismic shear effects

IconText-2013050610 Fintel, Mark; Need for shear walls in concrete buildings for seismic resistance

IconText-2005122012 Hsu, Thomas T. C.; Belarbi, Abdeldjelil; Pang, Xiaobo; Stress-strain relationships for reinforced concrete membrane elements

IconText-2005122010 Ramirez, Julio A.; Higher-strength concrete prestressed deep beams

IconText-2005122013 Lu, Zhan-Qin; Chen, Jia-Kui; Aseismic behavior of RC and SFRC short columns

IconText-201305064 Balaguru, Perumalsamy N.; Shah, Surendra P.; Behavior of fiber reinforced concrete under shear

IconText-2005121447 Maier, Johannes; Shear wall tests

IconText-200512207 Mansur, M. A.; Balendra, Thambirajah; H'ng, S. C.; Tests on reinforced concrete low-rise shear walls under cyclic loading

IconText-2005122011 Saatcioglu, Murat; Hysteretic shear response of low-rise walls

IconText-200512208 Sheu, Maw Shyong; Huang, Gwang-Shing; Prediction of hysteretic loops for RC shear walls with 0.65 to 1.90 shear-span to wall-width ratios

IconText-201305068 Fang, Ehua; Failure modes of RC tall shear walls

IconText-201305062 Aoyama, Hiroyuki; A Unified evaluation of restoring force characteristics of reactor buildings

IconText-201305075 Marti, Peter; State-of-the-art of membrane shear behavior - European work

IconText-201305076 Noguchi, Hiroshi; State-of-the-art of theoretical studies on membrane shear behavior in Japan

IconText-2013050617 Izumo, Junichi; A Parametric study of the RC panel ductility by using the analytical model

IconText-2013050618 Kollegger, Johann P.; Comparison of fixed and rotating crack models in the analysis of panels, plates and shells subjected to shear

IconText-2013050620 Li, Baolu; Maeka, Kohichi; Okamura, Hajime; Modelling of shear transfer in concrete using contact density function

IconText-201305078 Walraven, Joost; Rough cracks subjected to earthquake loading

IconText-201305067 Di Prisco, Marco; Gambarova, Pietro G.; Optimum design of stirrups in RC and PC thin-webbed beams failing in shear

IconText-2013050711 Kupfer, H.; Bulicek, H.; A Consistent model for the design of shear reinforcement in slender beams with I - or box shaped cross section

IconText-201305074 Maier, Johannes; Interactive plastic design of walls

IconText-201305065 Cheng, Franklin Y.; Coupling bending and shear hysteretic models of low-rise RC walls

IconText-2013050616 Izumo, Junichi; Shin, Hyunmock; Maekawa, Kouichi; Okamura, Hajime; An Analytical model for RC panels subjected to in-plane stresses

IconText-2006032916 Tanabe, Tadaaki; Wu, Zhishen S.; Nakamura, H.; Mixed mode formulation for membrane displacement analysis of RC plate and shell elements

IconText-2006032911 Niwa, Junichiro; Tanabe, Tadaaki; The shear deformation analysis of RC membrane elements using the crack strain distribution function.

IconText-2006032914 Schnobrich, William C.; Xu, Chunjian; Chesi, Claudio; Computation of RC wall response

IconText-2013050614 Inoue, Norio; Suzuki, Norio; Microscopic and macroscopic analyses of reinforced concrete framed shear walls

IconText-2006032912 Okamura, Hajime; Sakata, Eiichi; Energy dissipation of reinforced concrete shear wall predicted by nonlinear FEM analysis

IconText-200603299 Machida, Atsuhiko; Mutsuyoshi, Hiroshi; Evaluation of ductility of RC members and influence of ductility on inelastic response behavior of R/C frame structures

IconText-2013050612 Han, K. J.; Mau, S. T.; Hsu, Thomas T. C.; Ductile and brittle failures of reinforced concrete wall elements subject to shear

IconText-2006032910 Maekawa, Koichi; Song, Chongmin; Analytical approach to dynamic hysteresis damping of RC in-plane structures subjected to base acceleration

IconText-2006032913 Paulay, Thomas; Seismic design strategies for shear resistance in reinforced concrete structures

IconText-201305063 Aoyama, Hiroyuki; Design philosophy for shear in earthquake resistance in Japan

IconText-2013050613 Ikeda, Shoji; Evaluation for earthquake resistant design of reinforced concrete structures in shear

IconText-2006032917 Watanabe, Fumio; Ichinose, Toshikatsu; Strength and ductility design of RC members subjected to combined bending and shear

IconText-2013050611 Ghosh, S. K.; Markevicius, Vytenis P.; Design of earthquake resistant shear walls to prevent shear failure

IconText-201305069 Fang, Ehua; Construction, design and research of RC shear wall structures in China

IconText-201305077 Takeda, Toshikazu; Suzuki, Tetsuo; Eto, Hiroaki; Aseismic design method for a building with eccentricity

IconText-2013050615 Ishibashi, Tadayoshi; Calculation of ductility of the bridge piers