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The response of reinforced concrete elements subjected to shear

Collins, Michael P.

Houston, TX : University of Houston, Preliminary Proceedings Volume of International Workshop on Concrete Shear in Earthquake, January 13 - 16, 1991, Houston, Texas, authors retain copyright, 1991-01-16, PDF

This paper summarizes some of the progress that has been made in developing rational models for shear behavior. To emphasize the characteristics of a rational model, the paper first briefly reviews the plane sections theory for flexure. Then the equilibrium and compatibility conditions for elements in shear are given. Experiments to investigate the stress-strain characteristics of reinforced concrete in pure shear are reviewed. Finally, some comments are made on developing models for reversed cyclic shear.

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Preliminary proceedings volume of International Workshop on Concrete Shear in Earthquake : January 13 -16, 1991, University of Houston