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Truss geometry and response

Thumbnail Image Image-GoddenD2 Modern parallel-chord truss consisting of three square panels cantilevered from the left end. Made of flexible spines, all joints rigid. Single diagonal in each panel.
Thumbnail Image Image-GoddenD3 Effect of vertical upward end load. Compression members can be seen by their tendency to buckle. Long diagonals in tension, short verticals in compression due to shear direction. Truss buckles as a system due to rigid joints and joint rotation.
Thumbnail Image Image-GoddenD4 Effect of vertical downward end load. Lower buckling load as due to the direction of shear the long diagonals are now in compression and shorter verticals in tension. Lower chord also in compression. Again truss buckles as a complete system.
Thumbnail Image Image-GoddenD5 Simple Pratt truss in exhibition hall. Direction of diagonals such that all are in tension due to a UD load on the truss. (Las Vegas, Nevada)

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