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Historic bridges: three-hinged

Thumbnail Image Image-GoddenC10 Tower Bridge. Completed in 1894, the side-spans of this bridge represent a rare example of a three-hinged suspension bridge where the tension member itself is stiffened by being designed as a truss. A determinate system, similar to the three-hinged arch. For center span of Tower bridge, see also GoddenD27. (London, England)
Thumbnail Image Image-GoddenC11 Tower Bridge. Close-up of tension truss showing the truss stiffening for moment and shear forces, and the location of the internal hinge (in red). Note the lack of stiffening girder at road level. (London, England)
Thumbnail Image Image-GoddenC12 Tower Bridge. Close-up of internal hinge at the low point in the tension truss. (London, England)

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