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UCB/SEMM-2015/01 Lyapunov stability and accuracy of direct integration algorithms in nonlinear dynamic problems and considering the strict positive real lemma, Liang, Xiao; Mosalam, Khalid M.

UCB/SEMM-2015/02 Thermal phase transformations in commercial dental files, Govindjee, Rajiv G.; Govindjee, Sanjay

UCB/SEMM-2015/03 The exponentiated Hencky strain energy in modelling tire derived material for moderately large deformations, Montella, Giuseppe; Govindjee, Sanjay; Neff, Patrizio

UCB/SEMM-2015/05 Simulations of innovative solutions for energy efficient building facades, Ahuja, Aashish; Mosalam, Khalid M.; Zohdi, Tarek I.