The Earthquake Engineering Online Archive  NISEE e-Library

UCB/SEMM-2013-01 Characterization and representation of pulse-like ground motions using cumulative pulse extraction via wavelet analysis, Lu, Yuan; Panagiotou, Marios

UCB/SEMM-2013-02 Shake-table test response of a rocking post-tensioned HyFRC bridge column, Trono, William; Jen, Gabriel; Ostertag, Claudia P.; Panagiotou, Marios

UCB/SEMM-2013-03 Numerical modeling and seismic retrofit for shear failure in reinforced concrete columns, Zimmerman, Reid B.; Panagiotou, Marios; Mahin, Stephen A.

UCB/SEMM-2013-04 Seismic response of bridges with rocking foundations at a near-fault site, Antonellis, Grigorios; Panagiotou, Marios

UCB/SEMM-2013-05 A Micro-mechanically based continuum model for strain-induced crystallization in natural rubber, Mistry, Sunny J.; Govindjee, Sanjay

UCB/SEMM-2013-06 Stability of spinning viscoelastic cylinders at finite deformation, Govindjee, Sanjay; Potter, Trevor; Wilkening, Jon

UCB/SEMM-2013-07 Cyclic steady states of treading rolling bodies, Govindjee, Sanjay; Potter, Trevor; Wilkening, Jon

UCB/SEMM-2013-08 Nonlinear seismic site response and soil foundation structure interaction of a 20-story structural wall building subjected to pulse-like excitation, Lu, Yuan; Panagiotou, Marios

UCB/SEMM-2013-09 An Efficient time-domain perfectly matched layers formulation for elastodynamics on spherical domains, Sagiyama, Koki; Govindjee, Sanjay; Persson, Per-Olaf