The Earthquake Engineering Online Archive  NISEE e-Library

UCB/SEMM-2011/01 Nonlinear cyclic truss model for strength degrading reinforced concrete plane stress elements, Panagiotou, Marios; Restrepo, Jose I.

UCB/SEMM-2011/02 Estimation of the fundamental mode of a radial disk resonator, Govindjee, Sanjay

UCB/SEMM-2011/03 Backside feature transfer during electrostatic chucking, Brandstetter, Gerd

UCB/SEMM-2011/04 Chucking pressures for idealized Coulomb-type electrostatic chucks, Brandstetter, Gerd; Govindjee, Sanjay

UCB/SEMM-2011/05 Response of tall cantilever wall buildings to strong pulse type seismic excitation, Calugaru, Vladimir; Panagiotou, Marios

UCB/SEMM-2011/06 A Time-domain discontinuous Galerkin method for mechanical resonator quality factor computations, Govindjee, Sanjay; Persson, Per-Olaf

UCB/SEMM-2011/07 Analysis of a class of high-order local absorbing boundary conditions, Sagiyama, Koki; Govindjee, Sanjay

UCB/SEMM-2011/08 Convergence of an efficient local least-squares fitting method for bases with compact support, Govindjee, Sanjay; Strain, John; Mitchell, Toby J.; Taylor, Robert L.

UCB/SEMM-2011/09 Earthquake-resistant and resilient tall reinforced concrete buildings using base isolation and rocking core-walls, Calugaru, Vladimir; Panagiotou, Marios