The Earthquake Engineering Online Archive  NISEE e-Library

UCB/SEMM-1998/01 A Local Integration Method for Coupled Damage and Plasticity, Govindjee, Sanjay; Hall, Garrett J.

UCB/SEMM-1998/02 Viscoelastic Constitutive Relations for the Steady Spinning of a Cylinder, Govindjee, Sanjay; Mihalic, Paul A.

UCB/SEMM-1998/03 Computational Aspects of One-Dimensional Shape Memory Alloy Modeling with Phase Diagrams, Govindjee, Sanjay; Kasper, Eric P.

UCB/SEMM-1998/04 Triangular Finite Elements with Rotational Degrees of Freedom and Enhanced Strain Modes, Piltner, Reinhard; Taylor, Robert L.

UCB/SEMM-1998/05 Formulation and Finite Element Implementation of a Multiplicative Model of Coupled Poro-Plasticity at Finite Strains under Fully Saturated Conditions, Armero, Francisco

UCB/SEMM-1998/06 A Sorting Contact Detection Algorithm: Formulation and Finite Element Implementation, Petocz, Eva; Armero, Francisco

UCB/SEMM-1998/07 A Constrained Downhill-Simplex Method for Stress-Strain Data Fitting, Smeulders, Stephen B.; Govindjee, Sanjay

UCB/SEMM-1998/09 A Phenomenological Model of an Elastomer with an Evolving Molecular Weight Distribution, Smeulders, Stephen B.; Govindjee, Sanjay

UCB/SEMM-1998/10 A Computational Model for Shape Memory Alloys, Govindjee, Sanjay; Hall, Garrett J.

UCB/SEMM-1998/11 An Analysis of Strong Discontinuities in a Saturated Poro-Plastic Solid, Armero, Francisco; Callari, Carlo