The Earthquake Engineering Online Archive  NISEE e-Library

UCB/SEMM-1989/01 Dynamic Soil-Structure Interaction in Building Response from Earthquake Records, Serino, Giorgio

UCB/SEMM-1989/02 Decomposition of the Initial Stability Problem for a Cylindrical Shell Under Nonsymmetric Loads, Wisniewski, Krzysztof; Taylor, Robert L.

UCB/SEMM-1989/03 A Direct Spectral Method for the Stability Analysis of Cylindrical Shells, Wisniewski, Krzysztof; Taylor, Robert L.

UCB/SEMM-1989/05 Finite Element Reliability Methods for Geometrically Nonlinear Stochastic Structures, Liu, Pei-Ling; Der Kiureghian, Armen

UCB/SEMM-1989/06 OPFI - Object Oriented Program for Finite Element Instruction: Users Guide, Yoon, Chong-Yul

UCB/SEMM-1989/07 SPCFRAME-Computer Program for Nonlinear Segmental Analysis of Planar Prestressed Concrete Frames, Kang, Young-Jin

UCB/SEMM-1989/08 The Derivation of a Thick and Thin Plate Formulation Without Ad Hoc Assumptions, Piltner, Reinhard

UCB/SEMM-1989/09 Plate Bending Elements with Discrete Constraints: New Triangular Elements, Zienkiewicz, O. C.; Taylor, Robert L.; Papadopoulos, Panayiotis; Oņate, Eugenio

UCB/SEMM-1989/10 STOCAL-II: Computer Assisted Learning System for Stochastic Dyanmic Analysis of Structures Part I - Theory and Development, Wung, Chih-Dao; Der Kiureghian, Armen

UCB/SEMM-1989/11 STOCAL-II: Computer Assisted Learning System for Stochastic Dynamic Analysis of Structures, Part II - User's Manual, Wung, Chih-Dao; Der Kiureghian, Armen

UCB/SEMM-1989/12 BIAX: a computer program for the analysis of reinforced concrete sections, Wallace, John W.; Moehle, Jack P.

UCB/SEMM-1989/13 Resultant Fields for Mixed Plate Bending Elements, Weissman, Shmuel L.; Taylor, Robert L.

UCB/SEMM-1989/14 Dynamic Analysis of Large Linear Structure-Foundation Systems with Local Nonlinearities, Ibrahimbegovic, Adnan H.

UCB/SEMM-1989/15 Ritz Method for Dynamic Analysis of Large Discrete Linear Systems With Non-Proportional Damping, Ibrahimbegovic, Adnan H.; Chen, Harn-Ching; Wilson, Edward L.; Taylor, Robert L.

UCB/SEMM-1989/16 Finite Strip Analysis of Structures with Arbitary Boundary Conditions, Van Der Walt, Petrus P.

UCB/SEMM-1989/17 A Robust Quadrilateral Membrane Finite Element With Drilling Degrees of Freedom, Ibrahimbegovic, Adnan H.; Taylor, Robert L.; Wilson, Edward L.

UCB/SEMM-1989/18 CALREL User Manual, Liu, Pei-Ling; Lin, Hong-Zong; Der Kiureghian, Armen

UCB/SEMM-1989/19 A Triangular Element Based on Reissner-Mindlin Plate Theory, Papadopoulos, Panayiotis; Taylor, Robert L.

UCB/SEMM-1989/20 Experimental Evaluation of Nitinol for Energy Dissipating Devices, Sasaki, Kent K.

UCB/SEMM-1989/21 Accuracy Control of a Direct Spectral Method for Nonlinear Elastic Problems, Wisniewski, Krzysztof; Taylor, Robert L.

UCB/SEMM-1989/23 Simplified earthquake analysis of buildings including site effects, Hart, James D.; Wilson, Edward L.

UCB/SEMM-1989/24 A Modified Cap Model: Closed Point Solution Algorithms, Hofstetter, G.; Simo, Juan C.; Taylor, Robert L.

UCB/SEMM-1989/25 Thick Shell and Solid Finite Elements With Independent Rotation Fields, Ibrahimbegovic, Adnan H.; Wilson, Edward L.

UCB/SEMM-1989/26 An Elasto-Plastic Analysis of Reissner-Mindlin Plates, Papadopoulos, Panayiotis; Taylor, Robert L.