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UCB/SEMM-1987/00 Automated modeling for structural analysis, An-Nashif, Hazem

UCB/SEMM-1987/02 A Scheme for the Finite Element Solution to 3-Dimensional Contact Problems, Rong, Ting-Yu; Taylor, Robert L.

UCB/SEMM-1987/03 The Use of Ritz Vectors in Adaptive Finite Element Dynamic Analysis, Joo, Kuan-Jung; Wilson, Edward L.

UCB/SEMM-1987/04 Generalized Mixed Variational Principles and New FEM Models in Solid Mechanics, Rong, Ting-Yu

UCB/SEMM-1987/05 A Class of Simple and Efficient Degenerated Shell Elements, Vu-Quoc, Loc; Mora, Jesus A.

UCB/SEMM-1987/06 Lateral Displacement Ductility of Reinforced Concrete Flat Plates, Pan, Austin P.; Moehle, Jack P.

UCB/SEMM-1987/07 Modal Properties and Equipment Response of an Equipment-Continuous Structure System, Zhou, Yanming; Sackman, Jerome L.

UCB/SEMM-1987/08 Solution Methods for Damped Linear Dynamic Systems, Chen, Harn-Ching

UCB/SEMM-1987/10 Interaction Between High-Speed Moving Vehicles and Flexible Structures: An Analysis without Assumption of Known Vehicle Nominal Motion, Vu-Quoc, Loc; Olsson, Mats

UCB/SEMM-1987/11 Investigations of Nonlinear Behavior of Concrete, Panoskaltsis, Vassilis P.; Lubliner, Jacob

UCB/SEMM-1987/12 The Compression of Thin Bonded Blocks of Soft Elastic Material, Papoulia, Katerina D.; Kelly, James M.