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UCB/SESM-1985/01 Structural reliability under incomplete probability information, Der Kiureghian, Armen; Liu, Pei-Ling

UCB/SESM-1985/02a Computer Programs for Prestressed Concrete Box Girder Bridges, Scordelis, Alex C.; Chan, Esmond C.-Y.; Ketchum, Mark A.; Van Der Walt, Petrus P.

UCB/SESM-1985/02b A three dimensional finite deformation viscoelastic model accounting for damage effects, Simo, Juan C.; Taylor, Robert L.

UCB/SESM-1985/03 Nonlinear Analysis and Design of RC Bridge Columns Subjected to Imposed Deformations, Hellesland, Jostein; Choudhury, Deepak; Scordelis, Alex C.

UCB/SESM-1985/04 A Consistent Return Mapping Algorithm for Plane Stress Elastoplasticity, Simo, Juan C.; Taylor, Robert L.

UCB/SESM-1985/05 An Assessment of the Cap Model: Consistent Return Algorithms and Rate-Dependent Extension, Simo, Juan C.; Ju, Jiann-Wen; Pister, Karl S.; Taylor, Robert L.

UCB/SESM-1985/06 Microstructure of Concrete and Its Influence on the Mechanical Properties, Monteiro, Paulo J. M.

UCB/SESM-1985/07 Fractional derivative representation of seismic response of base-isolated models: theory and experiments, Koh, Chan Ghee; Kelly, James M.

UCB/SESM-1985/09 An Augmented Lagrangian Formulation for the Finite Element Solution of Contact Problems, Landers, Joseph A.; Taylor, Robert L.