The Earthquake Engineering Online Archive  NISEE e-Library

UCB/SESM-1983/01 Finite Element Formulations for Problems of Finite Deformation of Elasto-Viscoplastic Beams, Simo, Juan C.; Hjelmstad, Keith D.; Taylor, Robert L.

UCB/SESM-1983/02 Solution Techniques in Finite Element Analysis, Nour-Omid, Bahram; Rodrigues, Carlos; Taylor, Robert L.

UCB/SESM-1983/03 The Effect of Shear Deformation and Transverse Warping in the Nonlinear Theory of Elastic Plates, Simo, Juan C.; Kelly, James M.; Taylor, Robert L.

UCB/SESM-1983/04 Mixed Finite Element Formulations for Nonlinear Plates, Simo, Juan C.; Taylor, Robert L.; Slater, John H.

UCB/SESM-1983/05 Remarks on Rate Constitutive Equations for Finite Deformation Problems: Computational Implications, Simo, Juan C.; Pister, Karl S.

UCB/SESM-1983/07 A Guide to the Use of DELIGHTSTRUCT, Austin, Mark A.; Pister, Karl S.

UCB/SESM-1983/08 New Approaches in the Structural Analysis of Buildng Systems, Saffarini, Hassan S.; Wilson, Edward L.

UCB/SESM-1983/09 GENGRAF: A General Purpose Subroutine Package for Computer Graphics, Oliver, Robert G.

UCB/SESM-1983/10 A Simple 3-Dimensional Viscoelastic Model Accounting for Damage Effects, Simo, Juan C.; Taylor, Robert L.

UCB/SESM-1983/11 An Existence and Uniqueness Theorem for The Cauchy Problem for an Inelastic Material with Memory, Ortiz, Miguel; Lubliner, Jacob