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UCB/SESM-1982/01 Unconditionally Stable Element-by-Element Algorithms for Dynamic Problems, Ortiz, Miguel; Pinsky, Peter M.; Taylor, Robert L.

UCB/SESM-1982/02 Nonlinear Analysis and Ultimate Strength of Multi-Cell Reinforced Concrete Box Girder Bridges, Seible, Frieder

UCB/SESM-1982/03 Response of equipment in structures subjected to transient excitation, Hernried, Alan G.; Sackman, Jerome L.

UCB/SESM-1982/04 Operator Split Methods in the Numerical Solution of the Finite Deformation Elastoplastic Dynamic Problem, Pinsky, Peter M.; Ortiz, Miguel; Taylor, Robert L.

UCB/SESM-1982/05 Formulation and Numerical Integration of Elastoplastic and Elasto-Viscoplastic Rate Constitutive Equations, Pinsky, Peter M.; Pister, Karl S.; Taylor, Robert L.

UCB/SESM-1982/06 A Consistent Formulation of Nonlinear Theories of Elastic Beams and Plates, Simo, Juan C.

UCB/SESM-1982/07 Some Methods for the Analysis of Equipment-Structure Interaction, Ingham, Tim J.; Sackman, Jerome L.

UCB/SESM-1982/08 Nonlinear Geometric, Material and Time Dependent Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Shells with Edge Beams, Chan, Esmond C.-Y.; Scordelis, Alex C.

UCB/SESM-1982/09 Seismic response of multiply supported secondary systems in power plant structures, Der Kiureghian, Armen; Sackman, Jerome L.; Kelly, James M.