The Earthquake Engineering Online Archive  NISEE e-Library

UCB/SESM-1970/01 Analysis of Stiffened Plates Using the Finite Element Method, Clough, Ray W.; Mojtahedi, Soheil

UCB/SESM-1970/02 Analysis of Orthotropic Folded Plates with Eccentric Stiffeners, Willam, Kaspar J.; Scordelis, Alex C.

UCB/SESM-1970/03 Computer Program for Prismatic Folded Plates with Plate and Beam Elements, Meyer, Christian; Scordelis, Alex C.

UCB/SESM-1970/04 Tubular Joints Under Alternating Load, Bouwkamp, Jack G.; Stephen, Roy M.

UCB/SESM-1970/05 Nonlinear Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Frames and Panels, Franklin, H. A.

UCB/SESM-1970/06 Computer Programs for Bridge Deck Analysis, Powell, Graham H.; Buckle, Ian G.

UCB/SESM-1970/07 Theoretical Investigations of Bridge Deck Behavior, Buckle, Ian G.; Powell, Graham H.

UCB/SESM-1970/08 Analysis of Curved Folded Plate Structures, Meyer, Christian; Scordelis, Alex C.

UCB/SESM-1970/09 Development and Application of a Continuum Theory of Mixtures Including Electromagnetic and Thermodynamic Aspects, Robl, Frank J.

UCB/SESM-1970/10 Computer Program for Cellular Structures of Arbitrary Plan Geometry, Willam, Kaspar J.; Scordelis, Alex C.

UCB/SESM-1970/11 Finite Element Analysis of Tubular K Joints, Greste, Ojars

UCB/SESM-1970/12 The Analysis of Moderately Thick to Thin Shells by the Finite Element Method, Pawsey, Stuart F.

UCB/SESM-1970/13 Transient Response of Finite Rods using the Method of Mode Superposition, Mengi, Yalçin

UCB/SESM-1970/14 Quasilinearization and Nonlinear Volterra Integral Equations: II Nonlinear Structural Design Problems in the Presence of Creep, Distefano, J. Nestor

UCB/SESM-1970/15 Model Analysis of the Castaic Reservoir Intake Tower, Godden, William G.; Tuncag, Mozaffer; Wasley, David L.

UCB/SESM-1970/16 Response in a Transversely Isotropic Rod to a Transient Input, McNiven, Hugh D.; Mengi, Yalçin

UCB/SESM-1970/17 Computer Evaluation of Automobile Barrier Systems, Powell, Graham H.

UCB/SESM-1970/18 Large Deflection Dynamic Analysis of Thin Shells Using the Finite Element Method, Yeh, Chang-Hua

UCB/SESM-1970/19 Finite Element Study of Reinforced Concrete Beams with Diagonal Tension Cracks, Ngo, De; Franklin, H. A.; Scordelis, Alex C.

UCB/SESM-1970/20 SAP - A General Structural Analysis Program, Wilson, Edward L.

UCB/SESM-1970/21 A Computer Program for the Analysis of Prismatic Solids, Wilson, Edward L.; Pretorius, Pieter C.

UCB/SESM-1970/22 Analysis and Design of Curved Box Girder Bridges, Meyer, Christian

UCB/SESM-1970/23 Solidification of Portland Cement, Williamson, Robert B.