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UCB/SESM-1965/01 Finite Element Analysis of Two-Dimensional Stress Time-Dependent Problems, King, Ian P.

UCB/SESM-1965/02a Behavior of a Skew Steel-Deck Bridge Under Static and Dynamic Loads, Bouwkamp, Jack G.

UCB/SESM-1965/02b Creep Characteristics of Mass Concrete for Dworshak Dam, Pirtz, David

UCB/SESM-1965/03 Construction Stresses in Dworshak Dam, Raphael, Jerome M.; Clough, Ray W.

UCB/SESM-1965/04 Behavior of Tubular Truss Joints Under Static Loads, Bouwkamp, Jack G.

UCB/SESM-1965/04a A Theory of Anisotropic Viscoelastic Sandwich Shells, Baylor, John L.

UCB/SESM-1965/05a Behavior of a Single Span Composite Girder Bridge, Bouwkamp, Jack G.; Brown, Colin B.; Scheffey, Charles F.; Yaghmai, Saeed

UCB/SESM-1965/05b Constitutive Equations for a Class of Nonlinear Elastic Solids, Evans, Roger J.; Pister, Karl S.

UCB/SESM-1965/06 Nonlinear Viscoelastic Analysis of a Centrally Loaded Column, Distefano, J. Nestor; Sackman, Jerome L.

UCB/SESM-1965/07 Some Stability Criteria for Nonlinear Hereditary Phenomena, Distefano, J. Nestor

UCB/SESM-1965/08 Earthquake Stress Analysis in Earth Dams, Clough, Ray W.; Chopra, Anil K.

UCB/SESM-1965/09 Differential Constitutive Equations for Aging Viscoelastic Materials, Lubliner, Jacob; Sackman, Jerome L.

UCB/SESM-1965/10 Shear Strength of Reinforced Concrete Beams, Series III, Bresler, Boris; Scordelis, Alex C.

UCB/SESM-1965/11 Model Representation of Aging Viscoelastic Materials, Lubliner, Jacob

UCB/SESM-1965/13 An Approximate Theory for the Vibrations of Hollow, Elastic Rods, McNiven, Hugh D.; Shah, Arvind H.; Sackman, Jerome L.

UCB/SESM-1965/14 An Investigation of Elastic Waves with Imaginary and Complex Wave Numbers in Hollow Rods, McNiven, Hugh D.; Sackman, Jerome L.; Shah, Arvind H.

UCB/SESM-1965/15 A Uniqueness Theorem for Aging Viscoelastic Bodies, Lubliner, Jacob; Sackman, Jerome L.

UCB/SESM-1965/16 On Reciprocity in General Linear Viscoelasticity, Lubliner, Jacob; Sackman, Jerome L.