The Earthquake Engineering Online Archive  NISEE e-Library

PEER-2020/01 Modeling viscous damping in nonlinear response history analysis of steel moment-frame buildings: design-plus ground motions, Qian, Xin; Chopra, Anil K.; McKenna, Frank T.

PEER-2020/02 Data resources for NGA-Subduction project, Bozorgnia, Yousef; Stewart, Jonathan P.

PEER-2020/03 NGA-Subduction global ground-motion models with regional adjustment factors, Parker, Grace A.; Stewart, Jonathan P.; Boore, David M.; Atkinson, Gail M.; Hassani, Behzad

PEER-2020/04 Partially non-ergodic ground-motion model for subduction regions using the NGA subduction database, Kuehn, Nicolas; Bozorgnia, Yousef; Campbell, Kenneth W.; Gregor, Nicholas J.

PEER-2020/05 Conditional ground-motion model for peak ground velocity for active crustal regions, Abrahamson, Norman A.; Bhasin, Sarabjot

PEER-2020/06 Development of NGA-sub ground-motion model of 5%-damped pseudo-spectral acceleration based on database for subduction earthquakes in Japan, Si, Hongjun; Midorikawa, Saburoh; Kishida, Tadahiro

PEER-2020/07 Comparison of NGA-Sub ground-motion models, Gregor, Nicholas J.; Al Atik, Linda; Boore, David M.; Campbell, Kenneth W.; Gulerce, Zeynep; Kishida, Tadahiro; Midorikawa, Saburoh; Parker, Grace A.; Stewart, Jonathan P.; Addo, Kofi O.; Atkinson, Gail M.; Bozorgnia, Yousef; Chiou, Brian S. J.; Hassani, Behzad; Kuehn, Nicolas; Mazzoni, Silvia; Si, Hongjun; Youngs, Robert R.

PEER-2020/08 PEER Activities 2018-2020, Mosalam, Khalid M.; Kasalanati, Amarnath

PEER-2020/09 Blind prediction of shaking table tests of a new bridge bent design, GŁnay, M. Selim; Hu, Fan; Mosalam, Khalid M.; Nema, Arpit; Restrepo, Jose I.; Zsarnoczay, Adam; Baker, Jack W.

PEER-2020/10 Low seismic damage columns for accelerated bridge construction, Nema, Arpit; Restrepo, Jose I.

PEER-2020/11 Hybrid simulations for the seismic evaluation of resilient highway bridge systems, Wu, Yingjie; GŁnay, M. Selim; Mosalam, Khalid M.