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PEER-2019/01 Flow-failure case history of the Las Palmas, Chile, Tailings Dam, Moss, Robb E. S.; Gebhart, T. R.; Frost, J. D.; Ledezma, Christian A.

PEER-2019/02 Direct-finite-element method for nonlinear earthquake analysis of concrete dams including dam-water-foundation rock interaction, Lokke, Arnkjell; Chopra, Anil K.

PEER-2019/03 Ground-motion directivity modeling for seismic hazard applications, Donahue, Jennifer L.; Stewart, Jonathan P.; Gregor, Nicholas J.; Bozorgnia, Yousef

PEER-2019/04 Aftershock seismic vulnerability and time-dependent risk assessment of bridges, Mangalathu, Sujith; Shokrabadi, Mehrdad; Burton, Henry V.

PEER-2019/05 Expected earthquake performance of buildings designed to the California Building Code, Kang, Grace S.; Muin, Sifat; Archbold, Jorge; Woods, Bitanoosh; Mosalam, Khalid M.

PEER-2019/06 Fluid-structure interaction and python-scripting capabilities in OpenSees, Zhu, Minjie; Scott, Michael H.

PEER-2019/07 PEER Hub ImageNet (ϕ - Net) : A large-scale multi-attribute benchmark dataset of structural images, Gao, Yuqing; Mosalam, Khalid M.

PEER-2019/08 Influence of vertical ground motion on bridges isolated with spherical sliding bearings, Mojidra, Rushil; Ryan, Keri L.

PEER-2019/09 Seismic behavior of special concentric braced frames under short- and long-duration ground motions, Hammad, Ali; Moustafa, Mohamed A.