The Earthquake Engineering Online Archive  NISEE e-Library

PEER-2014/01 Performance-based seismic assessment of skewed bridges, Kaviani, Peyman; Zareian, Farzin; Taciroglu, Ertugrul

PEER-2014/02 Theoretical development of hybrid simulation applied to plate structures, Bakhaty, Ahmed A.; Mosalam, Khalid M.; Govindjee, Sanjay

PEER-2014/03 Retest of thirty-year-old neoprene isolation bearings, Kelly, James M.; Van Engelen, Niel C.

PEER-2014/04 Effect of vertical acceleration on shear strength of reinforced concrete columns, Lee, Hyerin; Mosalam, Khalid M.

PEER-2014/05 Seismic velocity site characterization of thirty-one Chilean seismometer stations by spectral analysis of surface wave dispersion, Kayen, Robert E.

PEER-2014/06 Report of the Tenth Planning Meeting of NEES/E-Defense Collaborative Research on Earthquake Engineering

PEER-2014/08 Unbonded pretensioned bridge columns with rocking detail, Schaefer, Jeffrey A.; Kennedy, Bryan; Eberhard, Marc O.; Stanton, John F.

PEER-2014/09 PEER Arizona Strong-Motion database and GMPEs evaluation, Kishida, Tadahiro; Kayen, Robert E.; Ktenidou, Olga-Joan; Silva, Walter J.; Darragh, Robert B.; Watson-Lamprey, Jennie Anne

PEER-2014/10 Evaluation of collapse and non-collapse of parallel bridges affected by liquefaction and lateral spreading, Turner, Benjamin; Brandenberg, Scott J.; Stewart, Jonathan P.

PEER-2014/11 Reference rock site conditions for Central and Eastern North America - Part 1 : velocity definition, Hashash, Youssef M. A.

PEER-2014/12 Reference rock site conditions for Central and Eastern North America - Part 2 : attenuation (Kappa) definition, Campbell, Kenneth W.

PEER-2014/13 PEER preliminary notes and observations on the August 24, 2014, South Napa Earthquake, Kang, Grace S.; Mahin, Stephen A.

PEER-2014/14 Scaling relations between seismic moment and rupture area of earthquakes in stable continental regions, Somerville, Paul G.

PEER-2014/15 NGA-East regionalization report: comparison of four crustal regions within Central and Eastern North America using waveform modeling and 5%-damped pseudo-spectral acceleration response, Dreiling, Jennifer; Isken, Marius P.; Mooney, Walter D.; Chapman, Martin C.; Godbee, Richard W.

PEER-2014/16 Guidelines for performing hazard-consistent one-dimensional ground response analysis for ground motion prediction, Stewart, Jonathan P.; Afshari, Kioumars; Hashash, Youssef M. A.

PEER-2014/17 PEER NGA-East database, Goulet, Christine A.; Kishida, Tadahiro; Ancheta, Timothy D.; Cramer, Chris H.; Darragh, Robert B.; Silva, Walter J.; Hashash, Youssef M. A.; Harmon, Joseph A.; Stewart, Jonathan P.; Wooddell, Katie E.; Youngs, Robert R.

PEER-2014/18 Three-dimensional beam-truss model for reinforced-concrete walls and slabs subjected to cyclic static or dynamic loading, Lu, Yuan; Panagiotou, Marios; Koutromanos, Ioannis

PEER-2014/19 Seismic response of a hybrid fiber-reinforced concrete bridge column detailed for accelerated bridge construction, Nguyen, Wilson; Trono, William; Panagiotou, Marios; Ostertag, Claudia P.

PEER-2014/20 Stochastic modeling and simulation of near-fault ground motions for performance-based earthquake engineering, Dabaghi, Mayssa; Der Kiureghian, Armen