The Earthquake Engineering Online Archive  NISEE e-Library

PEER-2013/01 Housing recovery in Chile: a qualitative mid-program review, Comerio, Mary C.

PEER-2013/02 Hybrid simulation of the seismic response of squat reinforced concrete shear walls, Whyte, Catherine A.; Stojadinovic, Bozidar

PEER-2013/03 PEER NGA-West2 database, Ancheta, Timothy D.

PEER-2013/04 Update of the AS08 ground-motion prediction equations based on the NGA-West2 data set, Abrahamson, Norman A.; Silva, Walter J.; Kamai, Ronnie

PEER-2013/05 NGA-West2 equations for predicting response spectral accelerations for shallow crustal earthquakes, Boore, David M.; Stewart, Jonathan P.; Seyhan, Emel; Atkinson, Gail M.

PEER-2013/06 NGA-West2 Campbell-Bozorgnia ground motion model for the horizontal components of PGA, PGV, and 5%-damped elastic pseudo-acceleration response spectra for periods ranging from 0.01 to 10 sec, Campbell, Kenneth W.; Bozorgnia, Yousef

PEER-2013/07 Update of the Chiou and Youngs NGA ground motion model for average horizontal component of peak ground motion and response spectra, Chiou, Brian S. J.; Youngs, Robert R.

PEER-2013/08 NGA-West2 model for estimating average horizontal values of pseudo-absolute spectral accelerations generated by crustal earthquakes, Idriss, Izzat M.

PEER-2013/09 Final report of the NGA-West2 directivity working group, Spudich, Paul; Bayless, Jeffrey R.; Baker, Jack W.; Chiou, Brian S. J.; Rowshandel, Badiollah; Shahi, Shrey K.; Somerville, Paul G.

PEER-2013/10 NGA-West2 models for ground-motion directionality, Shahi, Shrey K.; Baker, Jack W.

PEER-2013/11 Epistemic uncertainty for NGA-West2 models, Al Atik, Linda; Youngs, Robert R.

PEER-2013/12 Nonlinear horizontal site response for the NGA-West2 project, Kamai, Ronnie; Abrahamson, Norman A.; Silva, Walter J.

PEER-2013/13 Semi-empirical nonlinear site amplification and its application in NEHRP site factors, Stewart, Jonathan P.; Seyhan, Emel

PEER-2013/14 Hanging-wall scaling using finite-fault simulations, Donahue, Jennifer L.; Abrahamson, Norman A.

PEER-2013/15 A Probabilistic framework to include the effects of near-fault directivity in seismic hazard assessment, Shahi, Shrey K.; Baker, Jack W.

PEER-2013/16 Effect of hoop reinforcement spacing on the cyclic response of large reinforced concrete special moment frame beams, Panagiotou, Marios; Visnjic, Tea; Antonellis, Grigorios; Galanis, Panagiotis H.; Moehle, Jack P.

PEER-2013/17 Response spectrum analysis of concrete gravity dams including dam-water-foundation interaction, Lokke, Arnkjell; Chopra, Anil K.

PEER-2013/18 Identification of site parameters that improve predictions of site amplification, Rathje, Ellen M.; Navidi, Sara

PEER-2013/19 Toward resilient communities: a performance- based engineering framework for design and evaluation of the built environment, Mieler, Michael W.; Stojadinovic, Bozidar; Budnitz, Robert J.; Mahin, Stephen A.; Comerio, Mary C.

PEER-2013/20 Experimental and analytical studies on the seismic behavior of conventional and hybrid braced frames, Lai, Jiun-Wei; Mahin, Stephen A.

PEER-2013/21 Seismic design and performance of bridges with columns on rocking foundations, Antonellis, Grigorios; Panagiotou, Marios

PEER-2013/22 GEM-PEER Task 3 project: selection of a global set of ground motion prediction equations, Stewart, Jonathan P.; Douglas, John; Javanbarg, Mohammad B.

PEER-2013/23 Coordinated planning and preparedness for fire following major earthquakes, Scawthorn, Charles R.

PEER-2013/24 NGA-West2 ground motion prediction equations for vertical ground motions

PEER-2013/25 Earthquake engineering for resilient communities : 2013 PEER internships program research report collection, Tremayne, Heidi; Mahin, Stephen A.

PEER-2013/26 Urban earthquake engineering : proceedings of the U.S. - Iran Seismic Workshop, December 18-20, 2012, Tehran, Iran