The Earthquake Engineering Online Archive  NISEE e-Library

PEER-2008/02 Treatment of uncertainties in seismic-risk analysis of transportation systems, Stergiou, Evangelos; Kiremidjian, Anne S.

PEER-2008/03 Guidelines for nonlinear analysis of bridge structures in California, Aviram, Ady; Mackie, Kevin R.; Stojadinovic, Bozidar

PEER-2008/04 Benchmarking of nonlinear geotechnical ground response analysis procedures, Stewart, Jonathan P.; Kwok, Annie On-Lei; Hashash, Youssef M. A.; Matasovic, Neven; Pyke, Robert M.; Wang, Z. L.; Yang, Zhaohui

PEER-2008/06 Shaking table tests and numerical investigation of self-centering reinforced concrete bridge columns, Jeong, Hyungil; Sakai, Junichi; Mahin, Stephen A.

PEER-2008/08 Toward earthquake-resistant design of concentrically braced steel-frame structures, Uriz, Patxi; Mahin, Stephen A.

PEER-2008/09 NGA model for average horizontal component of peak ground motion and response spectra, Chiou, Brian S. J.; Youngs, Robert R.

PEER-2008/10 Technical manual for Strata, Kottke, Albert R.; Rathje, Ellen M.

PEER-2008/102 Modeling of unreinforced masonry infill walls considering in-plane and out-of-plane interaction, Kadysiewski, Stephen; Mosalam, Khalid M.

PEER-2008/103 Experimental and computational evaluation of current and innovative in-span hinge details in reinforced concrete box-girder bridges: Part 1: experimental findings and pre-test analysis, Hube, Matias A.; Mosalam, Khalid M.

PEER-2008/104 Experimental and Analytical Study of the Seismic Performance of Retaining Structures, Al Atik, Linda; Sitar, Nicholas