The Earthquake Engineering Online Archive  NISEE e-Library

PEER-2006/01 Bracing Berkeley: a guide to seismic safety on the UC Berkeley campus, Comerio, Mary C.; Tobriner, Stephen; Fehrenkamp, Ariane

PEER-2006/02 Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center Highway Demonstration Project, Kiremidjian, Anne S.; Moore, James E.; Fan, Yueyue; Basöz, Nesrin; Yazali, Ozgur; Williams, Meredith

PEER-2006/03 Performance of lifelines subjected to lateral spreading, Ashford, Scott A.; Juirnarongrit,Teerawut

PEER-2006/04 Probabilistic seismic evaluation of reinforced concrete structural components and systems, Lee, Tae-Hyung; Mosalam, Khalid M.

PEER-2006/05 Advanced seismic assessment guidelines, Bazzurro, Paolo; Cornell, C. Allin; Menun, Charles A.; Motahari, Maziar; Luco, Nicolas

PEER-2006/06 Nonlinear analysis of a soil-drilled pier system under static and dynamic axial loading, Wang, Gang; Sitar, Nicholas

PEER-2006/07 Analytical modeling of reinforced concrete walls for predicting flexural and coupled-shear-flexural responses, Orakcal, Kutay; Massone, Leonardo M.; Wallace, John W.

PEER-2006/08 Vector-valued ground motion intensity measures for probabilistic seismic demand analysis, Baker, Jack W.; Cornell, C. Allin

PEER-2006/09 Quantifying economic losses from travel forgone following a large metropolitan earthquake, Moore, James E.; Cho, Sungbin; Fan, Yueyue; Werner, Stuart D.