The Earthquake Engineering Online Archive  NISEE e-Library

PEER-2005/01 Empirical characterization of site conditions on strong ground motion, Stewart, Jonathan P.; Choi, Yoojoong; Graves, Robert W.

PEER-2005/02 Fragility basis for California highway overpass bridge seismic decision making, Mackie, Kevin R.; Stojadinovic, Bozidar

PEER-2005/03 A taxonomy of building components for performance-based earthquake engineering, Porter, Keith A.

PEER-2005/04 Numerical modeling of the nonlinear cyclic response of shallow foundations, Harden, Chad W.; Hutchinson, Tara C.; Martin, Geoffrey R.; Kutter, Bruce L.

PEER-2005/05 Performance characterization of bench- and shelf-mounted equipment, Chaudhuri, Samit Ray; Hutchinson, Tara C.

PEER-2005/06 Global collapse of frame structures under seismic excitations, Ibarra, Luis F.; Krawinkler, Helmut

PEER-2005/07 Experimental and analytical studies on the seismic response of freestanding and anchored laboratory equipment, Konstantinidis, Dimitrios; Makris, Nicos

PEER-2005/08 Damage accumulation in lightly confined reinforced concrete bridge columns, Ranf, R. Tyler; Nelson, Jared M.; Price, Zachary M.; Eberhard, Marc O.; Stanton, John F.

PEER-2005/09 Test applications of Advanced Seismic Assessment Guidelines, Maffei, Joseph R.; Telleen, Karl C.; Mohr, Danya; Holmes, William T.; Nakayama, Yuki

PEER-2005/10 Proceedings of the First NEES/E-Defense Workshop on Collapse Simulation of Reinforced Concrete Building Structures, 6-8 July, 2005, Berkeley, California, Moehle, Jack P.; Kabeyasawa, Toshimi

PEER-2005/11 Van Nuys Hotel building testbed report: exercising seismic performance assessment, Krawinkler, Helmut

PEER-2005/12 PEER testbed study on a laboratory building: exercising seismic performance assessment, Comerio, Mary C.

PEER-2005/13 Stochastic characterization and decision bases under time-dependent aftershock risk in performance-based earthquake engineering, Yeo, Gee Liek; Cornell, C. Allin

PEER-2005/14 Workshop on Modeling of Nonlinear Cyclic Load-Deformation Behavior of Shallow Foundations, Wednesday, March 5, 2003, University of California, Davis, Kutter, Bruce L.; Martin, Geoffrey R.; Hutchinson, Tara C.; Harden, Chad W.; Gajan, Sivapalan; Phalen, Justin D.

PEER-2005/15 CPT-based probabilistic assessment of seismic soil liquefaction initiation, Moss, Robb E. S.; Seed, Raymond B.; Kayen, Robert E.; Stewart, Jonathan P.; Der Kiureghian, Armen

PEER-2005/16 Seismic response and reliability of electrical substation equipment and systems, Song, Junho; Der Kiureghian, Armen; Sackman, Jerome L.