The Earthquake Engineering Online Archive  NISEE e-Library

PEER-2003/01 Shake table tests and analytical studies on the gravity load collapse of reinforced concrete frames, Elwood, Kenneth J.; Moehle, Jack P.

PEER-2003/02 Software framework for collaborative development of nonlinear dynamic analysis program, Peng, Jun; Law, Kincho H.

PEER-2003/03 Probabilistic response assessment for building-specific loss estimation, Miranda, Eduardo; Aslani, Hesameddin

PEER-2003/04 Experimental assessment of columns with short lap splices subjected to cyclic loads, Melek, Murat; Wallace, John W.; Conte, Joel P.

PEER-2003/05 Response assessment of nonstructural building elements, Taghavi, Shahram; Miranda, Eduardo

PEER-2003/06 Performance of circular reinforced concrete bridge columns under bidirectional earthquake loading, Hachem, Mahmoud M.; Mahin, Stephen A.; Moehle, Jack P.

PEER-2003/07 Uncertainty specification and propagation for loss estimation using FOSM method, Baker, Jack W.; Cornell, C. Allin

PEER-2003/08 A technical framework for probability-based demand and capacity factor design (DCFD) seismic formats, Jalayer, Fatemeh; Cornell, C. Allin

PEER-2003/09 Sequencing repairs after an earthquake: an economic approach, Casari, Marco; Wilkie, Simon J.

PEER-2003/10 A beam-column joint model for simulating the earthquake response of reinforced concrete frames, Lowes, Laura N.; Mitra, Nilanjan; Altoontash, Arash

PEER-2003/11 The Fifth U.S.-Japan Workshop on Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering Methodology for Reinforced Concrete Building Structures, 10-11 September 2003, Hakone, Japan, Kabeyasawa, Toshimi; Moehle, Jack P.

PEER-2003/12 Implementation manual for the seismic protection of laboratory contents: format and case studies, Holmes, William T.; Comerio, Mary C.

PEER-2003/13 Effects of connection hysteretic degradation on the seismic behavior of steel moment-resisting frames, Rodgers, Janise E.; Mahin, Stephen A.

PEER-2003/14 Finite element reliability and sensitivity methods for performance-based earthquake engineering, Haukaas, Terje; Der Kiureghian, Armen

PEER-2003/15 Seismic demands for nondeteriorating frame structures and their dependence on ground motions, Medina, Ricardo A.; Krawinkler, Helmut

PEER-2003/16 Seismic demands for performance-based design of bridges, Mackie, Kevin R.; Stojadinovic, Bozidar

PEER-2003/17 Predicting earthquake damage in older reinforced concrete beam-column joints, Pagni, Catherine A.; Lowes, Laura N.

PEER-2003/18 Performance models for flexural damage in reinforced concrete columns, Berry, Michael P.; Eberhard, Marc O.