The Earthquake Engineering Online Archive  NISEE e-Library

PEER-2001/01 Experimental study of large seismic steel beam-to-column connections, Popov, Egor P.; Takhirov, Shakhzod

PEER-2001/02 Seismic response analysis of highway overcrossings including soil-structure interaction, Zhang, Jian; Makris, Nicos

PEER-2001/03 A modal pushover analysis procedure to estimate seismic demands for buildings: theory and preliminary evaluation, Chopra, Anil K.; Goel, Rakesh K.

PEER-2001/04 Organizational and societal considerations for performance-based earthquake engineering, May, Peter J.

PEER-2001/05 Stiffness analysis of fiber-reinforced elastomeric isolators, Tsai, Hsiang-Chuan; Kelly, James M.

PEER-2001/06 Development of an electrical substation equipment performance database for evaluation of equipment fragilities, Anagnos, Thalia

PEER-2001/07 The rocking spectrum and the shortcomings of design guidelines, Makris, Nicos; Konstantinidis, Dimitrios

PEER-2001/08 Experimental and computational evaluation of reinforced concrete bridge beam-column connections for seismic performance, Naito, Clay J.; Moehle, Jack P.; Mosalam, Khalid M.

PEER-2001/09 Ground motion evaluation procedures for performance-based design, Stewart, Jonathan P.; Chiou, Brian S. J.; Bray, Jonathan D.; Graves, Robert W.; Somerville, Paul G.; Abrahamson, Norman A.

PEER-2001/10 Amplification factors for spectral acceleration in active regions, Stewart, Jonathan P.; Liu, Andrew H.; Choi, Yoojoong; Baturay, Mehmet B.

PEER-2001/11 Analytical and experimental study of fiber-reinforced elastomeric isolators, Kelly, James M.; Takhirov, Shakhzod

PEER-2001/12 Development of geotechnical capabilities in OpenSees, Jeremic, Boris

PEER-2001/13 Modeling soil liquefaction hazards for performance-based earthquake engineering, Elgamal, Ahmed-Waeil M.; Kramer, Steven L.

PEER-2001/14 Rocking response of equipment anchored to a base foundation, Makris, Nicos; Black, Cameron J.

PEER-2001/15 Damage to bridges during the 2001 Nisqually earthquake, Ranf, R. Tyler; Eberhard, Marc O.; Berry, Michael P.

PEER-2001/16 Statistics of SDF-system estimate of roof displacement for pushover analysis of buildings, Chopra, Anil K.; Goel, Rakesh K.; Chintanapakdee, Chatpan