The Earthquake Engineering Online Archive  NISEE e-Library

PEER-2000/01 Further studies on seismic interaction in interconnected electrical substation equipment, Der Kiureghian, Armen; Hong, Kee-Jeung; Sackman, Jerome L.

PEER-2000/02 U.S.-Japan Workshop on the Effects of Near-Field Earthquake Shaking, March 20-21, 2000, San Francisco, California, Whittaker, Andrew S.

PEER-2000/03 Framing earthquake retrofitting decisions: the case of hillside homes in Los Angeles, Von Winterfeldt, Detlof; Roselund, Nels; Kitsuse, Alicia

PEER-2000/04 An evaluation of seismic energy demand: an attenuation approach, Chou, Chung-Che; Uang, Chia-Ming

PEER-2000/05 Performance-based evaluation of exterior reinforced concrete building joints for seismic excitation, Clyde, Chandra; Pantelides, Chris P.; Reaveley, Lawrence D.

PEER-2000/06 Seismic evaluation and analysis of 230-kV disconnect switches, Gilani, Amir S.; Whittaker, Andrew S.; Fenves, Gregory L.; Chen, Chun-Hao; Ho, Henry; Fujisaki, Eric M.

PEER-2000/07 Cover-plate and flange-plate reinforced steel moment-resisting connections, Kim, Taejin; Whittaker, Andrew S.; Gilani, Amir S.; Bertero, Vitelmo V.; Takhirov, Shakhzod

PEER-2000/08 Behavior of reinforced concrete bridge columns having varying aspect ratios and varying lengths of confinement, Calderone, Anthony J.; Lehman, Dawn E.; Moehle, Jack P.

PEER-2000/09 Structural engineering reconnaissance of the August 17, 1999 earthquake: Kocaeli (Izmit), Turkey, Sezen, Halil; Elwood, Kenneth J.; Whittaker, Andrew S.; Mosalam, Khalid M.; Wallace, John W.; Stanton, John F.

PEER-2000/10 The Second U.S.-Japan Workshop on Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering Methodology for Reinforced Concrete Building Structures, 11-13 September 2000, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan, Kabeyasawa, Toshimi; Moehle, Jack P.