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Icon Identifier: Text-S24801
Title: Advanced structural dynamics : proceedings of a seminar held at the Joint Research Centre of the Commission of the European Communities, Ispra (Varese), Italy, in the framework of the Ispra courses, October 9-13, 1978
Creator(s): Donea, J.

Icon Identifier: Text-S28849
Title: Experimental and numerical methods in earthquake engineering
Creator(s): Donea, J.; Jones, P. M.

Icon Identifier: Text-S39777
Title: SPEAR (Seismic Performance Assessment and Rehabilitation of Existing Buildings) International Workshop : an event to honour the memory of Prof. Jean Donea, Ispra, 4-5 April 2005, Poceedings
Creator(s): Donea, J.; Fardis, M. N.; Negro, P.