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Icon Identifier: Text-S20419
Title: Sedimentation consolidation models : predictions and validation : proceedings of a symposium
Creator(s): Yong, R. N.; Townsend, Frank C.

Icon Identifier: Text-S26401
Title: Application of plasticity and generalized stress-strain in geotechnical engineering : proceedings of the Symposium on Limit Equilibrium, Plasticity, and Generalized Stress Strain Applications in Geotechnical Engineering held in conjunction with the 1980 ASCE Annual Convention and Exposition, Hollyw
Creator(s): Yong, R. N.; Selig, E. T.

Icon Identifier: Text-S26407
Title: Proceedings of the Workshop on Limit Equilibrium, Plasticity, and Generalized Stress-Strain in Geotechnical Engineering, McGill University, May 28-30, 1980
Creator(s): Yong, R. N.; Ko, Hon Y.