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Icon Identifier: Text-S19494
Title: A perspective on disaster planning
Creator(s): Dynes, Russell R.; Quarantelli, E. L.; Kreps, Gary A.

Icon Identifier: Text-S31720
Title: Social science research on earthquake hazard mitigation : relevance for policy and practice
Creator(s): Dynes, Russell R.

Icon Identifier: Text-S32609
Title: Disasters, collective behavior, and social organization
Creator(s): Dynes, Russell R.; Tierney, Kathleen J.

Icon Identifier: Text-S34296
Title: Some preliminary observations on organizational responses in the emergency period after the Niigata, Japan, earthquake of June 16, 1964
Creator(s): Dynes, Russell R.; Haas, J. E.; Quarantelli, E. L.