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Icon Identifier: Text-S19262
Title: Map showing recomputed hypocenters of earthquakes in the eastern and central United States and adjacent Canada, 1925-1980
Creator(s): Dewey, James W.; Gordon, David W.

Icon Identifier: Text-S27235
Title: The Ghir earthquake of April 10, 1972 in the Zagros Mountains of southern Iran:- seismotectonic aspects and some results of a field reconnaissance
Creator(s): Dewey, James W.; Grantz, Arthur

Icon Identifier: Text-S27864
Title: A review of recent research on the seismotectonic of the Southeastern Seaboard and an evaluation of hypotheses on the source of the 1886 Charleston, South Carolina, earthquake
Creator(s): Dewey, James W.

Icon Identifier: Text-S32404
Title: The Scotts Mills, Oregon, earthquake of March 25, 1993 : intensities, strong-motion data, and teleseismic data
Creator(s): Dewey, James W.

Icon Identifier: Text-S32614
Title: Intensity distribution and isoseismal maps for the Northridge, California, earthquake of January 17, 1994
Creator(s): Dewey, James W.