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Icon Identifier: Text-300366
Title: Mechanical characterization of nonlinear viscoelastic solids for iterative solution of boundary value problems
Creator(s): Dong, Richard G.; Pister, Karl S.; Dunham, Robert S.

Icon Identifier: Text-300398
Title: Plane and Axisymmetric Finite Element Analysis of Locally Orthotropic Elastic Solids and Orthotropic Shells
Creator(s): Goudreau, Gerald L.; Nickell, Robert E.; Dunham, Robert S.

Icon Identifier: Text-300408
Title: Finite Element Analysis of Axisymmetric Solids with Arbitrary Loadings
Creator(s): Dunham, Robert S.; Nickell, Robert E.

Icon Identifier: Text-S38966
Title: Use of ISMIS computer program in matrix structural analysis and structural dynamics courses
Creator(s): Craig, Roy R.; Becker, Eric B.; Dunham, Robert S.