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Icon Identifier: Text-201401141
Title: MAE Center transportation test bed
Creator(s): DesRoches, Reginald; Padgett, Jaime E.; Elnashai, Amr S.; Kim, Young-Suk; Reed, Dorothy A.

Icon Identifier: Text-201401142
Title: Fragility curves for mid-America bridges
Creator(s): DesRoches, Reginald; Nielson, Bryant G.; Padgett, Jaime E.

Icon Identifier: Text-2014021111
Title: On the development of zipper frames by quasi-static testing and pushover analyses
Creator(s): Yang, Chuang-Sheng; Leon, Roberto T.; DesRoches, Reginald

Icon Identifier: Text-201404291
Title: Bridge damage functionality using expert opinion survey
Creator(s): Padgett, Jaime E.; DesRoches, Reginald

Icon Identifier: Text-201405142
Title: Experimental evaluation of bridge steel pedestals under seismic loads
Creator(s): Hite, M.; DesRoches, Reginald; Leon, Roberto T.

Icon Identifier: Text-2014051911
Title: Seismic response of buildings implementing shape memory alloy braces
Creator(s): McCormick, Jason; Fugazza, D.; DesRoches, Reginald; Auricchio, Ferdinando

Icon Identifier: Text-201405197
Title: Effect of using PGA versus Sa on the uncertainty in probabilistic seismic demand models of highway bridges
Creator(s): Nielson, Bryant G.; DesRoches, Reginald

Icon Identifier: Text-2015061010
Title: Evaluation of linear bounding models in pounding of multiple frame bridges
Creator(s): Muthukumar, S.; DesRoches, Reginald

Icon Identifier: Text-201506169
Title: Full-scale experimental tests of restrainer cable retrofit used in simply supported bridges
Creator(s): Pfeifer, Thomas; DesRoches, Reginald; Leon, Roberto T.

Icon Identifier: Text-201507097
Title: Seismic evaluation of typical bridge superstructure retrofits in mid-America
Creator(s): DesRoches, Reginald; Choi, E.; Leon, Roberto T.; Dyke, Shirley J.; Aschheim, Mark A.

Icon Identifier: Text-201601208
Title: Design and analysis of innovative dampers for seismically isolated bridges within the United States
Creator(s): DesRoches, Reginald; Delemont, M.

Icon Identifier: Text-241219
Title: Response of the Northwest Connector in the Landers and Big Bear earthquakes
Creator(s): Fenves, Gregory L.; DesRoches, Reginald

Icon Identifier: Text-326633
Title: New design and analysis procedures for intermediate hinges in multiple-frame bridges
Creator(s): DesRoches, Reginald; Fenves, Gregory L.

Icon Identifier: Text-S36032
Title: Design procedures for hinge restrainers and hinge seat width for multiple-frame bridges
Creator(s): DesRoches, Reginald; Fenves, Gregory L.