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Icon Identifier: Text-51000298
Title: Frequency dependent stiffness matrices for viscoelastic halfplane foundations
Creator(s): Chopra, Anil K.; Chakrabarti, Parthasarathi; Dasgupta, Gautam

Icon Identifier: Text-51000820
Title: An alternative representation of the elastic-viscoelastic analogy
Creator(s): Dasgupta, Gautam; Sackman, Jerome L.

Icon Identifier: Text-7000407
Title: Dynamic stiffness matrices for homogeneous viscoelastic halfplanes
Creator(s): Dasgupta, Gautam; Chopra, Anil K.

Icon Identifier: Text-S18959
Title: A finite element formulation for nonlinear, viscoplastic material using a Q-model
Creator(s): Gyebi, Osei K.; Dasgupta, Gautam

Icon Identifier: Text-S19581
Title: Symbolic manipulation program (SMP) : algebraic codes for two and three dimensional finite element formulations
Creator(s): Lee, X.; Dasgupta, Gautam

Icon Identifier: Text-S28904
Title: An alternative representation of the elastic-viscoelastic correspondence principle for harmonic oscillations
Creator(s): Dasgupta, Gautam