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Icon Identifier: Text-201504094
Title: Settlement of shallow foundation on sand due to cyclic loading
Creator(s): Das, Braja M.; Singh, G.; Yen, S. C.

Icon Identifier: Text-2015042910
Title: The Reliability aspects in dynamic engineering
Creator(s): Singh, G.; Das, Braja M.

Icon Identifier: Text-201505044
Title: Dynamic loading induced settlement of strip foundation on geogrid-reinforced clay
Creator(s): Das, Braja M.; Shin, Eun C.; Shin, Bang-Woong; Lee, Bong-Jik; Jung, Ki-Taek

Icon Identifier: Text-S18858
Title: Special topics in foundations : proceedings of a session sponsored by the Geotechnical Engineering Division of the American Society of Civil Engineers in conjunction with the ASCE National Convention, Nashville, Tennessee, May 9, 1988
Creator(s): Das, Braja M.

Icon Identifier: Text-S38216
Title: Fundamentals of soil dynamics
Creator(s): Das, Braja M.