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Icon Identifier: Text-2008032512
Title: The Role of finite element modeling of reinforced concrete in California bridge seismic retrofit design practice
Creator(s): Dameron, Robert A.; Rashid, Yousef R.

Icon Identifier: Text-200804025
Title: Seismic retrofit of historical Cesar E. Chavez Ave. Bridge using linear and 3D nonlinear pushover analysis
Creator(s): Nathan, Srinivasa V.; Dameron, Robert A.; Danielians, Androush

Icon Identifier: Text-200804035
Title: Seismic vulnerability summary for the existing San Diego-Coronado Bay Bridge
Creator(s): Sobash, Vincent P.; Dameron, Robert A.; Parker, Daniel R.

Icon Identifier: Text-2015070710
Title: Rethinking the earthquake engineering paradigm : from response reduction to response suppression
Creator(s): Paret, Terrence F.; Freeman, Sigmund A.; Dameron, Robert A.

Icon Identifier: Text-201603312
Title: Predictive analysis of outrigger knee-joint hysteresis tests: a torsion-flexure test at UC Berkeley and two flexure tests at UC San Diego
Creator(s): Dameron, Robert A.; Kurkchubasche, I. R.; Rashid, Yousef R.