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Icon Identifier: Text-2010022313
Title: Assessment of lateral spreading: modeling a case from the 1999 Kocaeli, Turkey earthquake
Creator(s): Aochi, H.; Durukal, Eser; Bonilla, L. F.

Icon Identifier: Text-201401099
Title: Earthquake loss assessment for Istanbul metropolitan area
Creator(s): Erdik, Mustafa O.; Durukal, Eser

Icon Identifier: Text-201403175
Title: Building loss estimation for earthquake insurance pricing
Creator(s): Durukal, Eser; Erdik, Mustafa O.; Sesetyan, Karin; Fahjan, Y.

Icon Identifier: Text-2014040214
Title: Effect of ground motion scaling and uncertainties in site characterization on site response analyses
Creator(s): Durukal, Eser; Ansal, Atilla; Tonuk, G.

Icon Identifier: Text-2015071713
Title: Strong ground motion in 1999 Kocaeli and Duzce (Turkey) earthquakes
Creator(s): Erdik, Mustafa O.; Durukal, Eser; Özbey, C.

Icon Identifier: Text-S32241
Title: A study on structural identification and seismic vulnerability assessment of Aya Sofya
Creator(s): Durukal, Eser