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Icon Identifier: Text-2007030823
Title: Substructured hybrid loading of structural members under combined axial, shear, and bending loads
Creator(s): Yamada, Yoshikazu; Iemura, Hirokazu; Tanzo, William; Endo, Kazushige

Icon Identifier: Text-201104183
Title: Earthquake responses of a long span suspension bridge
Creator(s): Konishi, Ichiro; Yamada, Yoshikazu

Icon Identifier: Text-201302282
Title: Statistical studies of low-rise Japanese building damage : the Miyagiken-Oki earthquake of June 12,1978
Creator(s): Scawthorn, Charles R.; Yamada, Yoshikazu; Iemura, Hirokazu

Icon Identifier: Text-S29126
Title: Studies on the Earthquake-resistant design suspension bridge tower and pier system
Creator(s): Yamada, Yoshikazu