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Icon Identifier: Text-200703086
Title: Numerical simulations of the tsunami bore run-up using the random choice method
Creator(s): Gardarsson, Sigurdur M.; Yeh, Harry H.

Icon Identifier: Text-201402121
Title: Integrated simulation of tsunami hazards
Creator(s): Katada, Toshitaka; Kuwasawa, Noriyuki; Yeh, Harry H.; Pancake, Cherri

Icon Identifier: Text-201405148
Title: Tsunami reconnaissance data repository
Creator(s): Van Den Einde, Lelli; Veytser, Vladimir; Yeh, Harry H.; Kamrath, Anke; Warnock, Tim

Icon Identifier: Text-2015072021
Title: Unique large-scale wave basins for NEES collaborative research
Creator(s): Yim, Solomon C.; Sollitt, Charles K.; Yeh, Harry H.

Icon Identifier: Text-S34689
Title: Long-wave runup models : Friday Harbor, USA, 12-17 September 1995
Creator(s): Yeh, Harry H.; Liu, Philip L.; Synolakis, Costas E.