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Icon Identifier: Text-200609146
Title: Practical experience using a simplified procedure to measure average shear-wave velocity to a depth of 30 meters (V subscript s 30)
Creator(s): Martin, Antony J.; Diehl, John G.

Icon Identifier: Text-200707242
Title: Analysis of the dynamic characteristics of the Golden Gate Bridge by ambient vibration measurements
Creator(s): Abdel-Ghaffar, Ahmed M.; Scanlan, Robert H.; Diehl, John G.

Icon Identifier: Text-201405011
Title: Combined use of active and passive surface wave techniques for cost effective UBC-IBC site classification
Creator(s): Martin, Antony J.; Shawver, Jonathan B.; Diehl, John G.

Icon Identifier: Text-2014081111
Title: Twenty year retrospective on the OYO P-S Suspension Logger
Creator(s): Diehl, John G.; Martin, Antony J.; Steller, Robert A.

Icon Identifier: Text-S34074
Title: Vibration testing of fifteen earthquake actuated automatic gas shutoff systems : an engineering evaluation
Creator(s): Diehl, John G.; Anderson, Raymond W.