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Icon Identifier: Text-2006062722
Title: High-resolution monitoring of the Hayward fault and Bay Area bridges
Creator(s): Dreger, Douglas S.; Nadeau, Robert M.; Clymer, Richard W.; Uhrhammer, Robert A.; Hipley, Patrick

Icon Identifier: Text-S23416
Title: The 1984 Halls Valley ("Morgan Hill") earthquake sequence: April 24 through June 30
Creator(s): Uhrhammer, Robert A.; Darragh, Robert D.

Icon Identifier: Text-S25933
Title: Optimum station distribution and determination of hypocenters for small seismographic networks
Creator(s): Bolt, Bruce A.; Okubo, Paul; Uhrhammer, Robert A.

Icon Identifier: Text-S27374
Title: Pattern analysis of small earthquakes and explosions recorded at Shasta, California
Creator(s): Uhrhammer, Robert A.

Icon Identifier: Text-S29304
Title: Seismicity in the vicinity of the Farallon escarpment
Creator(s): Uhrhammer, Robert A.

Icon Identifier: Text-S34500
Title: Seismological aspects of the March 31, 1986 Mt. Lewis, California earthquake
Creator(s): Bolt, Bruce A.; Uhrhammer, Robert A.

Icon Identifier: Text-S39822
Title: The Greenville earthquake sequence of January, 1980, California
Creator(s): Bolt, Bruce A.; McEvilly, T. V.; Uhrhammer, Robert A.