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Icon Identifier: Text-200606131
Title: A critical appraisal of the seismic code provisions for capacity design of R/C buildings
Creator(s): Dolce, Mauro; Evangelista, Luigi

Icon Identifier: Text-201510125
Title: Retrofitting of R/C framed structures through SMA-based energy dissipating and re-centering braces
Creator(s): Dolce, Mauro; Cardone, D.; Ponzo, Felice Carlo

Icon Identifier: Text-201510154
Title: An Extensive application of seismic isolation to private buildings in Italy
Creator(s): Marnetto, R.; Castino, C.; Dolce, Mauro

Icon Identifier: Text-201511024
Title: The Design of reinforced concrete framed buildings with non-linear isolation systems
Creator(s): Dolce, Mauro; Masi, A.; Telesca, F. R.

Icon Identifier: Text-201511103
Title: The CAM system for the retrofit of masonry structures
Creator(s): Dolce, Mauro; Nigro, Domenico; Ponzo, Felice Carlo; Marnetto, R.

Icon Identifier: Text-201912163
Title: The state of earthquake engineering research in Italy: the ReLUIS-DPC 2010-2013 Project
Creator(s): Manfredi, Gaetano; Dolce, Mauro