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Icon Identifier: Text-2006030924
Title: Utility performance aspects, liquefaction study, Marina and Sullivan Marsh areas, San Francisco, California
Creator(s): Scawthorn, Charles R.; Porter, Keith A.; Khater, Mahmoud; Seidel, Daniel; Ballantyne, Donald B.; Taylor, Henry T.; Darragh, Robert D.; Ng, Charles W. W.

Icon Identifier: Text-200603097
Title: Liquefaction study, Sullivan Marsh and Mission Creek, San Francisco, California
Creator(s): Darragh, Robert D.; Taylor, Henry T.; Scawthorn, Charles R.; Seidel, Daniel; Ng, Charles W. W.

Icon Identifier: Text-201008127
Title: Some considerations in the design of foundations for earthquakes
Creator(s): Moore, William W.; Darragh, Robert D.

Icon Identifier: Text-S23416
Title: The 1984 Halls Valley ("Morgan Hill") earthquake sequence: April 24 through June 30
Creator(s): Uhrhammer, Robert A.; Darragh, Robert D.