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Icon Identifier: Text-2005121410
Title: FHWA Recommendations for Seismic Performance Testing of Bridge Piers
Creator(s): Shen, Jerry J.; Yen, Wen-Huei Phillip; O'Fallon, John

Icon Identifier: Text-2006062735
Title: FHWA's 2005 Seismic Retrofitting Manual, Part I: Bridges
Creator(s): Yen, Wen-Huei Phillip; O'Fallon, John; O'Connor, Jerome S.

Icon Identifier: Text-201003082
Title: Proceedings of the Fourth US-Taiwan Bridge Engineering Workshop, Princeton, New Jersey, Aug. 4-5, 2008
Creator(s): Yen, Wen-Huei Phillip

Icon Identifier: Text-2010071478
Title: Proceedings of the special international workshop on seismic connection details for segmental bridge construction
Creator(s): Yen, Wen-Huei Phillip; Lee, George C.

Icon Identifier: Text-201103311
Title: Seismic design and retrofit of bridges using load and resistance factor design past, present, and future
Creator(s): Buckle, Ian G.; Yen, Wen-Huei Phillip; Roberts, James E.

Icon Identifier: Text-S40216
Title: Proceedings of the Second US-Taiwan Bridge Engineering Workshop San Mateo, California, Sept. 21-22, 2006
Creator(s): Yen, Wen-Huei Phillip