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Icon Identifier: Text-200708231
Title: Synthesis of design, testing and analysis research on steel column base plate connections in high-seismic zones
Creator(s): Grauvilardell, Jorge E.; Lee, Daeyong; Hajjar, Jerome F.; Dexter, Robert J.

Icon Identifier: Text-LIB050257
Title: Fracture mechanics of welded structural steel connections
Creator(s): Fisher, John W.; Dexter, Robert J.; Kaufmann, Eric J.

Icon Identifier: Text-S34633
Title: Background reports : metallurgy, fracture mechanics, welding, moment connections and frames systems behavior
Creator(s): Dexter, Robert J.

Icon Identifier: Text-S38542
Title: Through-thickness strength and ductility of column flanges in moment connections
Creator(s): Dexter, Robert J.; Melendrez, Minerva I.

Icon Identifier: Text-S39643
Title: Inspection and management of bridges with fracture-- critical details : a synthesis of highway practice
Creator(s): Conner, Robert J.; Dexter, Robert J.; Mahmoud, Hussam