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Icon Identifier: Text-201401215
Title: A basic study on asymmetry of seismic response using rigid-plastic model
Creator(s): Marubashi, Nanako; Costa, Joao L. Domingues; Nielsen, Mogens Peter; Umemura, Hisashi; Ichinose, Toshikatsu

Icon Identifier: Text-2014120112
Title: Inelastic seismic response of existing reinforced concrete buildings
Creator(s): Ichinose,Toshikatsu; Thuat, Dinh V.; Kagohashi, H.; Umemura, Hisashi

Icon Identifier: Text-2014121714
Title: Effect of loading history on ductility of RC column
Creator(s): Ichinose, Toshikatsu; Umemura, Hisashi